Ben & Rebekkah


Just the two of us

Fostering since:

June 2016

Our Story

In April of 2016 we made the choice to become foster parents. We had no idea what to expect, or who was going to come through our door. There was the uncertainty component that had us on our toes the most in the beginning; “Who would come through our doors?” “How old would they be?” “What would be their story?” Our journey thus far has been from May-August and with amazing support we successfully fostered and transitioned, to adoption, an infant. Our doors and hearts remain open for the next story that we are privileged to be a part of.

How fostering enriches our lives

Being a foster parent, you begin to branch out and meet amazing people who do amazing things. You get to be part of something so much bigger than yourselves. We are stronger as a family, and happier as a household knowing that we are a part of changing a life… changing families.

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