Two daughters, ages 13 and 15

Fostering since:


Our Story

My family and I have fostered teens primarily on a fairly long-term basis. One such teen came to us in November 2013 and was meant to stay 2 weeks. When it was determined that he would be with us longer, we committed to having him until he “aged out”. He was 14. I had never thought of adopting any child and he adamantly said he did not want to be adopted either. Well, fast forward to November 2015 and he asked me to adopt him and I said of course! The decision was made as a family with the girls having a strong voice. All of us felt that the 3 of them were already brothers and sisters. I am thrilled to say that the adoption is nearing completion! Fostering has brought years of hard work but so many wonderful moments and amazing relationships, and now it has brought me a son.

How fostering enriches our lives

Fostering allows my family to give back to the community as well as gaining rewards. These kids are so fun to be around and these positives help everyone get through the rougher times.

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