Chick & Brenda



Our Story

We have been foster parents for over twenty years. We enjoy the challenges and rewards of fostering. One of the rewards is when adults, who were in care in your home as foster children, contact you and say that we have made a difference. We had three brothers for six years who were adopted two years ago. Their adoptive parents are amazing and they include us in the boys’ lives. We consider the boys to be our grandchildren. Seeing children move onto adoption or back to their home of origin is exciting and also a sad time for us because of course we attach to the children. We have also raised children until they move out on their own and this is also rewarding.

How fostering enriches our lives

Fostering keeps us young and also helps keep our brains active. Chilliwack offers so many training opportunities and this is so important, as many of the children in care have trauma in their lives.

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