Glen & Mj


Retired military family

Fostering since:


Our Story

We are a retired military family who opened our home to fostering while posted in Saskatchewan. In 1994, we were asked to take in a young boy by his family who felt he was a handful.  At that time we were not a registered foster home, so the young boy was placed in a home in Saskatoon.  I contacted the ministry to find out what it was that I (we) had to do to become a foster home and after 53 hours of training, home studies and sitting down with our children and talking with them at length to make sure that this is what they wanted we received our first placement. They were the sweetest tiny humans – a brother and sister. They  were not with us long, but long enough to touch our hearts.  Then our time in Saskatchewan was over and we received posting papers back to BC. Because  it was a different province we had to start all over again, and yes we did the 53 hours of training and home studies again.  We are still in contact with our first placement here in B.C.  She is a mom now and we are lovingly known as Nana and Papa to her daughter!

How fostering enriches our lives

I think one of best things is that our children, who are all grown and have moved on to start their own families, will be out and about and someone will call out their name and it will be one of the children we have had in our care. They give a big hug and catch up on what’s new. At a holiday dinner there will be extra places set at the table when someone has nowhere to go for the holidays (at times we have had 22 sit down to dinner)! There is never a dull moment when the house is full of people, good food and laughter.

As foster caregivers we open our homes our hearts and prepare for the next adventure to come our way!

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